Helge Hoffmann

I am a 29 year old Stuttgart based Graphic Designer and Marketer, specialising in brand development. I love the world of design, I love challenges and everyday problem solving. I love to create and inspire, to explore, to try something different, to succeed and to fail. Above all, I love to learn and develop new and current skills. I have 9 years of experience working as a freelance and 6 years working in a studio. I enjoy the occasional dabbling of entrepreneurial endeavours, I’m here to conquer the world, bring me my hover board!


I currently work for a creative agency based in Cape Town as a designer and art director. I also freelance and work with several really awesome clients! Some of my work includes logo and identity designs, website designs, online content creation, animations, print media and desktop publishing. In plain English, I do almost everything related to graphic design, advertising and promotion. For a more detailed list of service offerings, please have a look at this page here.


Have fun, be brave to be different, live your brand and lead by example, so others can follow you. I believe that developing a strong brand-driven business is the key to building a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s ever changing market environment. Surprise, inspire and encourage. Always keep the bigger picture in mind.

What is Design?

Design is a feeling, it’s a distinctive style, a pleasant composition, it’s art with a purpose. We use design to express creative concepts and ideas in a clever, shocking, humorous, or surprisingly different way that is easy to understand. Design consists out of various elements that work together to achieve effective communication. We as creative graphic designers and art directors understand target markets and branding that works. Design fails if it’s not communicated properly.

Why Design?

A professionally designed and developed brand has a direct influence on the perception formed by current and potential clients of your business. If a professionally developed brand could increase your product and/or service’s value, would it not make economic sense to invest in a good design company that understands your target market and the products and/or services your company offers?


As a kid I’ve always loved to create, i found Lego to be my everything when growing up, and if I had the time, I’d probably still be creating dinosaur-transforming space ships to battle the technologically advanced robot-pirates of the Lego Universe. I found it to be extremely inspiring and rewarding to create something without a plan, just with an image in my head, out of nothing but a bunch of colored blocks.

I never had any art in school, i preferred the more clean and structured ways of technical drawing, exploring complex objects in isometric and orthographic drawings. I also had a keen interest in 3D graphics and computer games by the time I left high school, even if it was for purely entertainment reasons. When I went to study graphic design at the AAA School of Advertising in 2008, it was a decision made purely driven by my desire to create. Not having a very artistic background, I struggled in my first year, especially since everything was very much centered around creating things by hand that…well, looked good. Most kids in my class where exceptionally talented illustrators or very artistic. There was no Lego, and I ended up throwing a bunch of gathered materials on a blank canvas that resulted in something that wasn’t fit to be labelled design.

I worked hard, sometimes going without sleep for days, I didn’t want to fail. My parents paid a lot of money for me to be here, I wasn’t going to fail them. I took extra drawing classes, I sketched as much as I could in my free time, and over time I was improving. I started looking at what makes good design stand out from a bunch of fonts and floral elements thrown into a pot. I used to think that the Bleeding Cowboys font was excellent! During the last few months of my first year at AAA, I started to see the appeal for clean, well structured design, colors that compliment each other, fonts that work together, illustration styles, and the important use of white space. Something about a well designed poster or logo or website, just made me feel different. It was hard to explain at the time but it just looked and felt RIGHT!

I barely passed my first year at college, but I’m thankful my teachers put me through, as in second year, I really started to get a hang of things. My illustration skills, albeit much better, were still nowhere near as good as most of the other students, but they helped in every way. We moved on from creating everything by hand to using computers, or macs if you prefer. We were also introduced to photography, which has had a big influence on my work and still has today. My teachers at that stage were excellent and I feel I still owe them a great deal. If it wouldn’t be for them I’d probably still use clip art and comic sans for most of my work.

In 2010 I graduated from the AAA School of Advertising with a degree in Graphic Design and a Diploma in Marketing Communications. I went on to the University of Stellenbosch where I graduated in 2011 with a Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing while I continued to freelance in my spare time. In 2012 I joined up with Creative Director Matthys Ras and worked under the Globecreative creative agency as designer and later as art director.

Allas, it is the year 2017, and I have learned and developed significantly. I have grown to appreciate minimalism, and clean and simple design approach – which contrary to popular belief is not always easily achieved. What is easy and time efficient on the other hand is to throw a bunch of random elements together, and make it look like a mess, which essentially only a 3 year old would find visually appealing.

Today I design with passion, I put a lot of hard work, research and inspiration into the work I do and I am proud of most of the work I’ve done so far. Its not always sunshine and rainbows, but I’ve had some really great clients along the way, with some really interesting and creative projects. So please feel free to get in touch to see what I can do for you!

Skillset & Experience


• Concept Development
• Desktop Publishing and Multimedia
• Print, Screen and Web Design
• Brand Development
• Motion Graphics and Animations
• Marketing Communications



My Specialties

Building brands is what I do best. Whether this means coming up with a brand new concept and identity, breathing new life into an existing brand, or building upon and expanding current brands, I am very versatile and capable.

Design Skills

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash
Adobe After Effects
  • About Helge Hoffmann

    Helge is a 29 year old graphic designer and marketer from the sunny land of Namibia. After moving to the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa to study and work, he is now taking on Europe, based in Stuttgart, Germany. With over 9 years experience working as a freelancer and 6 years working in creative agencies he is very passionate, reliable and driven. Get in touch to see how he can help your brand today!