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Helge Hoffmann
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Alexis Original's

Alexis Original’s Brand Development and Flyer Design

Alexis Original’s is a line of genuine hand made leather handbags and accessories made by the very talented Ingrid Liebenberg. Ingrid has been designing handbags for many years, working with top brands that cater for luxury lovers and even celebrities. Ingrid custom designs all handbags from scratch and only uses the finest leather and material in her productions.

I was asked to develop a brand around the name Alexis Original’s that speaks to various customer classes. In addition to the logo I designed a business card and flyers to promote the launch of the brand. Together with Ingrid, we took various photos of one of her handbag collections which were to be the focal point of the new flyers.

The final logo was chosen out of a selection of three various designs that went from rather playful and decorative to a much more classier and simpler approach. In the end we opted for the design we felt best would fit the product. The icon was designed based on a classic handbag style that formed part of the Alexis Original’s collection.

A simple colour palette inspired by natural leather was used for the final logo and promotional content. No more than 4 colours were used. As for the fonts, I chose to incorporate 3 main fonts to use for headings, text and descriptive copy and emphasis.

The business cards were kept minimalistic in design, with the front of the card showing a subtle leather texture behind the logo, a photo we took during the product shot. For the final print version, the black/white frame around the edge of the flyer and business card were removed.

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