New Logo Design for Aquaholics Surf School – Zanzibar

Offering fun trips, surf lessons and incredible tours on a tropical island, Aquaholics Zanzibar offers the perfect package for anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable experience.
For the logo of Aquaholics, I was asked to come up with a design to express the core concept of the surf school and speak to surfing beginners and experienced surfers alike, as well as those just looking to have some fun.

Logo Development
First Logos included a water color splatter concept and typographic brush logotype. These two where later combined to give the final logo, the water splatter was reworked into a vector graphic to be used on certain applications.
Logo colours where inspired by the Islands picturesque scenery consisting of coral blue and a slight off-white sandy colours. An alternative version with sunburnt orange on charcoal grey was also created.

If you’re ever heading to Zanzibar, be sure to check out Aquaholics:

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