Georgetown Capital, a private investment company uniquely positioned to identify and capitalize on blocks of opportunities available. Georgetown Capital is primarily focused on five key areas:

Private Equity (SMMEs)
Corporate Advisory Services
Commodities Trading
Leveraged Buy Outs/Acquisitions
Corporate Finance


Helge Hoffmann

To re-imagine the existing brand and give it a fresh new look that is modern, clean and simple yet still relates to the corporate feel of the company. Along with an updated logo, a new site was in order which to portray the company in a clean, sophisticated and professional manner, is easy to navigate yet has all features of a modern day website.

The Solution needed to be be slick and professional to represent the nature of the business. The new brand needed to look fresh and up to date yet still remain in tact with the previous corporate color scheme. A website that can be easily updated and incorporate live feeds as well as social media integration was needed. Combining the letters “G” and “C”, I came up with a simple and modern logo, using absolute minimalism, adding one accent color to the previous pallette and a sleek design that is recognisable and striking and adaptable, whether using it for print or screen applications. With the help of the wordpress platform and a theme developed by TemplateSquare, the site was given a facelift with new slider designs, colors and imagry, incorporating the new corporate look and feel.

  • About Helge Hoffmann

    Helge is a 29 year old graphic designer and marketer from the sunny land of Namibia. After moving to the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa to study and work, he is now taking on Europe, based in Stuttgart, Germany. With over 9 years experience working as a freelancer and 6 years working in creative agencies he is very passionate, reliable and driven. Get in touch to see how he can help your brand today!