Stellenbosch 360 is a holistic destination brand launched in 2011 by the Stellenbosch Tourism and Information Authority (STI) together with key role players.
The Stellenbosch 360 initiative creates the opportunity for not only tourism, but business and other stakeholders to take hands and build a better future together.(Source: Stellenbosch Tourism)

For the development of a new tourism route for the town of Stellenbosch, I was asked to develop the new identity for the so called Route 360, as well as come up with a set of visual icons and a map to represent the new route and its 36 activities. Visitors can pick any of 36 activities within the route and take part in daily, weekly or monthly activities, depending on the package.

I designed the Route 360 swirl element which was used as a visual representation of the activities and hand painted a map with oil paints to accompany the design. The swirl was inspired from a wine stain that formed the base of the first design. The map would show the Route 360, an experience route like no other. Instead of relying on geographic locations the tourism route depicts 12 fields of intereact from which users can choose, and plan a trip accordingly. For Art as an example, one of the daily activities indicated on the map could include to have lunch with a Stellenbosch Artist, afterwards play soccer with the locals and afterwards experience a truly African cuisine at its finest. Icons were designed to show the theme of the corresponding activity and were later simplified for the map. For more information visit the official Route 360 page here.


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