Route 360 is an initiative by Stellenbosch 360: a holistic destination brand launched in 2011 by the Stellenbosch Tourism and Information Authority (STI) together with key role players. The Stellenbosch 360 initiative creates the opportunity for not only tourism, but business and other stakeholders to take hands and build a better future together.

I was tasked to come up with promotional material for the upcoming Talent 360 gala event, which forms part of Route 360 project. Before Talent 360, I was approached by Ann Heyns of Stellenbosch 360 to develop the new identity for the so called Route 360, a new tourism route created by the Stellenbosch 360 initiative. For more information on Route 360, please visit:

Following in the footsteps of the work done on the Route 360 project, i designed various flyers, competition entry forms, posters, Facebook banners and much of the Talent 360 final gala event print materials such as two sets of tickets, voting forms, menus, programmes and table decoration. The needed to be classy and branding was to be kept constant in order to promote the main Stellenbosch 360 brand to various sponsors and potential clients.

In celebration of the final gala event for the Talent 360, all promotional and event material were designed to look classy and glamerous, with destinctions between ticket types, invites and voting forms. Additional posters and a Facebook timeline cover was also designed specifically for the event. For additional work on the Talent 360 and Route 360 projects, please have a look at my Behance portfolio here.

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